Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kevin Smith's Fat Ass makes headlines...Because he's FAT

So Kevin Smith's mammoth carcass gets booted off a Southwest Airline flight over the weekend and the story spreads like wildfire because he's bitching about it on Twitter.

No sympathy for him or anyone else in this situation. Would like to know at what extra few hundred pound magic number he would consider others to be justifiably inconvenienced by such size.

You have to be one selfish bastard to complain when you clearly have no respect for yourself or even your family (simply wanting to be healthier to see your kids grow up would be one motivation) when you continue to let yourself go as far as he has. Even as lazy as he is, he could easily afford a trainer or for the easy fix, a few staples in the gut so he can't keep packing slop in it. Think about his complaint..."I'm fat and lazy and spoiled...So?".

Dude, consider this event a wake up call.

Southwest is clearly no smarter. Further proof American companies don’t yet know how to utilize Twitter or Facebook a really stupid PR move, they actually replied to Fatso’s Twitter account with a lame ass apology. Hey SW, If you are going to quote a 25 year policy you were sticking to, don’t allow your employees to respond via social media and have a permanent public reply out there on the guy’s Twitter account. Boy corporate America is full of fools with degrees and MBAs.

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