Thursday, February 25, 2010

BitterNews for Thursday, February 25th, 2010

• Sooooooo boring.
• Detective #27 (first Batman) graded 8.0 sold for over a million dollars – breaking the record set earlier this week for Action #1. Same guy bought both?
• Top Secret talks happening at Wildstorm HQ in LaJolla with the new DC leaders.
• The Super 7 Stormtrooper Super Shogun starts tomorrow at noon PST. Free shipping for early bird orders, but how’s $299.99 sound? About $125 too expensive, that’s how it sounds.
• We Are All Whores.
• Drew Barrymore’s next movie is called “Everybody Loves Whales” – maybe not such a good title after yesterday’s Killer Whale attack at Sea World.
• The 10 billionth iTunes download was a Johnny Cash tune, bought by a 71-year-old dude in Georgia. He got a call from Steve Jobs, one from Roseanne Cash (Johnny’s daughter) and a $10,000 gift card for the iTunes store that hopefully is transferable as it’ll take a while to download that much music and he’s 71.
• Welcome Racist Robot** to these pages (see pic above)! Racist Robot is not a Racist, inasmuch as he has no prejudices against any particular class, creed or color – but he is inherently a figure of Racism in that his mere existence (thanks Michael Bay!) shows that Racism still runs rampant and is unapologetically exploited for a dollar and a cent. What Racist Robot can’t stand however is bullshit, especially from the companies that manufacture the art and products we love. Therefore, Racist Robot has been programmed to interpret Press Releases, quotes and other garbage passed from Corporations to Fans, and he’ll do it all, exclusively here on BitterGeeks!

** Please note that Racist Robot is an actual mass-produced toy that was sold in stores all over the world – based on a blatantly offensive character from the Transformers films. There was a minor hubub when the film came out, but it blew away. We're surprised no one painted the toy earlier to emphasize what an offensive caricature it is.

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