Sunday, February 7, 2010

BitterNews for Sunday, February 7th, 2010

* Very little of interest from UK ToyFair, but here are some tidbits from Hasbro in advance of the upcoming US ToyFair, when these will be revealed:
(Approximate Retail Value: $99.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: August 1, 2010)
In space, size does matter, and Hasbro certainly kept that in mind when creating its all-new, highly detailed STAR WARS AT-AT. The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) played a significant role in the Empire's military assault in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and it will play an equally important role in every fan's toy collection this year! Measuring more than 24 inches tall, nearly 28 inches long, and 12 inches wide, this colossal vehicle holds up to 20 STAR WARS figures - 6 of which can fit in its head alone! - and includes so many play and electronic features true to its on-screen counterpart that it's hard to believe! From the zip-line in its body and articulated legs for superb poseability, to its LED lights and authentic movie sounds and phrases, this is the must-have addition for STAR WARS fans of all ages. Includes a 3 ¾ inch AT-AT driver action figure and a pop-out speeder bike.
(Approximate retail price: $59.99/Ages 5 & up/Available: Fall 2010)
The all-new BATTLE OPS BUMBLEBEE action figure is ready for battle! This large-scale figure truly shows fans the AUTOBOT hero's personality, both as a protector of Earth and a warrior against the evil DECEPTICONS. With two distinct modes - Battle and Guardian - BATTLE OPS BUMBLEBEE features a variety of electronic sounds and lights, accompanied by a converting plasma cannon.
AND Weebles are back!

• In other ToyFair pre-show announcements, Mezco will have new products from the following lines: Watchmen, Kick-ass, Green Hornet, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween 2, Wolfman, Clash of the Titans, Hellboy, Beetlejuice, Family Guy, and their own Living Dead Dolls.
• Jane’s Addiction’s film “The Gift” is due to finally get a DVD release this year – about a year after DVD is officially redundant.
• Howard Stern may replace Simon Cowell on American Idol.
• I was surprised as anyone to see that Sideshow was offering a line of Marvel model kits from Knight Models. They look beautiful (and they should be at $69.99 each!) but they are only 2.8” tall each -1:27 scale – making this the most overpriced Sideshow deal in well, minutes.
• Enterbay is doing Onimusha 3 figures in 1:6 scale.
• Pictures of Biff Bang Pow’s Megoesque LOST figures have been shown. These are the worst looking prototypes I’ve ever seen. Two series, each including 2 figures are coming in August. S1: Ben & Kate, S2: Hurley & Locke.
• Anne Hathaway is hot in UK GQ. You are so welcome.
• At last, Avatar is knocked off the top of the box office – “Dear John”? Counter programming works folks, and this supposedly horrible chick flick must’ve been the negotiating point for many couples in this weekend’s domestic Super Bowl battles.
• Neil Gaiman to write Dr. Who episode.
• Looks like Spider-girl will be back as part of Marvel’s new “Girl Comics” line. I imagine you are as unshocked as I.
• Michael Crawford’s Poppies action figure awards are up at MWC site. Would make interesting reading if not for all the editorial. Like this site.
• Mickey Rourke thinks Megan Fox is a talented professional actress. But he probably got to touch her and stand really close to her, which would make any man say pretty much anything.
• Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean is going to make a record. If she whips out her tits, we’ll know which parent the talent came from.
• Joe Perry now stating that Tyler is in Aerosmith, but there will be another singer – at least for the foreseeable future. Considering that it’s been well over ten years since they made a good record, I can’t believe I’m still covering this trainwreck story.
• Bad Company (original lineup) are releasing a live DVD and will be touring.

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