Thursday, February 11, 2010

BitterNews for February 11th, 2010

• A company called Factory Entertainment is making Green Hornet toys – series one will be 6” figures from the new movie sculpted by a former McFarlane employee, and series two will be based on the 60’s TV series. They have license for props & vehicles as well as the 40’s serials.
• Mindstyle is going to make Muppets and Pixar vinyl toys.
• Limp Bizkit are updating their sound for their “comeback” album. It will supposedly have a little “Daft Punk” thrown in, which I assume means vocoder or autotune. If they just stop now, Durst & co might be able to have a successful career on the State Fair / Monster Truck circuit, but they should realize that no one who didn’t come of age with “classics” like “Nookie” wants to hear a single note from them ever again, especially new stuff.
• McG is whining about directing upcoming Terminator films, but it’s not going to happen, at least not contractually, per Judge. Interestingly, James Cameron’s writing partner on the first two Terminator movies has written plot outlines for T5 & T6 and they are supposedly great.
• The Tokidoki Marvel stuff is hitting the US stores (LA & NYC) on Feb 25th. Looks cool if you are a size -0.
• The Jung DePlume 3A figure sold out in ten minutes on Bambaland. Server took a major drag and there was a lot of sweating tonight. See 3A board for deets.
• The trailer for Toy Story 3 is online.
• The last Twilight book will be split into two films, shot back to back.
• Bob Dylan is trying to sell his paintings for $148K and up. Hope he doesn’t paint like he sings.
• That pussy John Mayer cried onstage last night as he apologized for using the N-word, bet he made a couple of crying phone calls to Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson too.
• The Losers film, based on DC comics Vertigo series is moved to June 4th (a week before the A-Team) from April 9th - trying to avoid competing with Clash of Titans.
• DC is trying to compete with the Avengers teasers by teasing Brightest Day. Snooze city.
• Taylor Laughtner is not only Stretch Armstrong, he’s also Max Steel, proving he will sign for “Inhumanoids” soon.
• Jon & Kate are coming back to TV – together…
• Amadeus Cho from the great Hercules series that hardly anyone is reading is the new Hercules?
• Some guy is back in Megadeth.
• Bill Gates isn’t impressed with the iTampon. Quel surprise.
• Bull Clinton isn’t too impressed with his heart, but is impressed with KFC. Two stents later.
• Robert Plant will release a new solo album this year, produced by Buddy Miller in Nashville, so it’s going to be rootsy, not rocky.
• Alec Baldwin tried to check out again today. Kim Basinger must be quite the bitch. Watch “30 Rock” tonight to show you’re on the right team!
• Designer Alexander McQueen just couldn’t take it anymore today & he’s out.
• Lady Gaga was covered in pearls last night, and I’m not talking about the jizz she’s usually swimming in from head to toe..
• The Megan Fox Armani video shoot is online. Have fun & remember to stop when it’s bleeding…

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