Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The internet ralies to beat on Mattel & Matty today

Mattycollector.com, Mattel's broken online retail site is getting the crap kicked out of it today by angry fanboys all over the web. On Facebook, in collector forums, on blogs and all over Twitter. Deservedly so. With the launch of several new exclusive products the site was once again overwhelmed and crashed, ran slow and was full of check out errors for everyone stupid enough to once again line up to get fucked by this madding monthly process. Us Bitter Geeks included.

From the minute it began, figures were reported sold out as you attempted to check out only to minutes later be in stock again. The list of errors go on but I don't care enough to list them all out.

Mattel contracts a Minnesota based ecommerce company named Digital River to run the tech of the site, distribution and handle customer service. To date, I don't know how Mattel's folks can say the partnership has been anything but a complete failure. A failure that is truly something to witness month after month. Like ecommerce is a new wonder for any firm to figure out how to execute. Two monkeys with a PC and a warehouse full of toys could do a better job.

And since this is the week of the New York Toy Fair, we've all been watching Mattel's Toyguru bask in the glory of showcasing new 2010 Matty.com exclusives that we all get the pleasure of suffering to obtain at least every month as long as this shitty website is utilized by these jokers.

We've posted this before but it needs to be said again: "Hey Mattel & Toyguru! Stop showing off new product when your priority is fixing a broken retail process and website!"

I would not let Scott and his teams even talk about new toys until this problem was completely and permanently resolved.

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