Saturday, February 13, 2010

BitterNews for Saturday, February 13th, 2010

• Toy Fair 2010 starts tomorrow in NYC, but the festivities are already under way. It will suck, so we don’t expect much interesting news at all this year, but here’s what we have so far:
• As if the Marvel Universe line didn’t suck enough already, this is the lineup for waves 3 and 4:
• Wave 3: Arcangel, Kitty Pride, Havok, AIM Soldier, and some other smooth guys.
• Wave 4: Mary Jane, Thanos, Winter Soldier, Super Skrull, Iron Spider, Iron Patriot (I guess this is the Wave of Characters From Stories That Are Three Years Old & Everyone Is Trying To Forget - good strategy Hasbro!)
• Danica Patrick’s first Nascar race ends in a multi-car wreck. Like her GoDaddy ads.
• The silent sci-fi classic Metropolis has been restored again – apparently it’s amazing and unlike the 80’s restoration hasn’t been scored with Adam Ant songs.
• Hasbro is also releasing a rocket-firing Bona Fett on a vintage style card.
• Wal-Mart and LiveNation (the world’s largest concert promoter - who just merged with Ticketmaster) have entered an agreement that will see ticket sales in Wal-Marts nationwide.
• Variety gives a great review to the upcoming Scorcese film, “Shutter Island”.
• NECA will have new Terminator figures at Toy Fair.

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