Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BitterNews for Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

• Snooki and the rest of Hobbiton will be guests on the 1st episode of Jay Leno’s second shot at ruining the Tonight show. Stay classy, chinster.
• DanDiDio, in an effort to pull a sleight of hand on his new bosses, is trying to find a post-Blackest Night sales driver in his otherwise sales-and-quality bankrupt DC Universe by doing the unthinkable (and highly unadvisable) Watchmen sequels and prequels. It’s hard to guess just how stupid Dan must imagine his new bosses are, but anyone with half a brain can see what a desperate and foolhardy move this is. DC doesn’t have the talent to pull it off and it’s a fool’s errand anyhow. Watchmen is DC’s bestselling book of all time (that alone says something about how poorly editorial is treating their huge library) but new stories could easily kill what may be the pinnacle of the genre to date and endangers it’s potential as a cash cow 50 years from now.
• Great, if small, load of comics today – Siege is coming along nicely, with a stunning last page that we’ve all been waiting for. Jonah Hex was another great one with Jordi Bernet art. Big surprise was Wolverine-oriented; the usually entertaining one-shots hit a big bump this week as Wolverine: Savage was a horrible piece of shit under a sharp cover, and Wolverine: Weapon X #10 was absolutely stunning – a great, well-written story exploring Logan’s relationships with women. Ultimate Comics X was very nice, and reaffirms faith in Jeph Loeb at the same time the preview for the next Ultimates series looks clichéd and awful. Next week looks similarly light for shipping books.
• Some movies are opening Friday. You will not care.
• Mark Millar’s Nemesis has an online preview – actual book not out until March 3rd.
• Transformers 3 will be in 3-D. I am so surprised.
• Captain America casting expected to be announced soon.
• Avatar is #1 film in domestic gross. Still sucks.
• Heidi MacDonald’s beat is now at
• Rob Liefeld reads 4 newspapers a day. Maybe drop one and spend that time concentrating on anatomy books, or drawing feet.
• American Idol beat Lost in ratings last night.
• The new Judge Dredd film sounds like the movie we hoped for back in the 90’s.

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