Monday, February 8, 2010

BitterNews for Monday, February 8th, 2010

• Ashley Wood’s 3A Toys are releasing another surprise 12” figure – a variation of the popular De Plume character, this time called Jung De Plume, which is a camo style figure. It will be briefly offered for sale – possibly on Chinese New Year, but no one knows for sure. We love 3A, but the randomness of their offerings – to “keep it fun” – is a disservice their loyal fans and a source of frustration as well. Especially as everything they create is made to order – why not let everyone have a shot, guys?
• After a week or so of Avengers reveals via the “I Am…” campaign, today a silhouetted figure appeared in a new ad, looking a lot like Spider-man, but with a Secret Avengers logo. Yawn. Brubaker will write the series.
• Warner is experimenting with half-albums – sold for less, and issued more frequently.
• Fox is re-booting Daredevil, again to keep the property from reverting to Disney/Marvel studios.
• Super Bowl ads were pretty bad this year, and both sexes are grumbling today about how badly they were portrayed therein last night. Good game though and the Who had a nice stage, if not much of a performance.
• The King of Pop’s Doctor was charged with manslaughter today after backing out of a Friday volunteer surrender when plea bargain negotiations fell apart.
• There is no reason to go to buy DVDs or CDs this week. The best stuff is Couples Retreat and a new HIM album. Personally, I’d stay home and re-watch the Sopranos or save my money for next week, when it can’t be worse, right?
• A new Avengers cartoon (subtitled “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”) is in production with the classic Avengers lineup – including Hulk, Hawkeye, Wonder Man, etc. We gather it’ll be like JLU with core characters and guests.
• A re-boot of Mr & Mrs Smith in the form of a sequel-able prequel (without Jolie-Pitt) is in the works.
• Judas Priest to re-release their classic “British Steel” in multi disc formats next year – in addition to remastered album, there will be a DVD of a live performance of the album from last year, and a deluxe version will include a CD of the show. St date May 11th.
• Jonah Hex re-shoots happening now in LA, with Megan Fox and Josh Brolin. Never a good sign.
• Shocker Toys seems to think their Indie Spotlight line of non-trad comic heroes will continue in 2010 with a series 3 (where is series 2, I ask?) featuring Grendel Prime, Phantom, Zorro, Nira-X and Fist of Justice. I can barely stop snickering.
• Planet of the Apes / Ceaser news. Fox has been turned down by directors Kathryn Bigelow, Tomas Alfredson and Robert Rodriguez. Script now out to Hughes Brothers, Pierre Morel, James McTeigue, Dennis Illiadis, and Scott Stewart.
• A day after Marvel films announced that they were making Cap a USO fairy to explain his costume (why explain it? – just put him in it, no one will ask questions), they’ve at least added the Invaders to the film.
• Bill Murray commits to Ghostbusters 3!
• Film & TV are becoming more integrated into the major toy companies as proprietary lines generate profits through new media exploitation. This fall, Hasbro is launching the Hub, a new children's TV network in partnership with Discovery Communications. The channel will kick off a lineup of shows based on Hasbro brands, including animated "Transformers" and "My Little Pony." Hasbro just cast Taylor Lautner as Stretch Armstrong and is doing a Battleship film in 2012. A sequel to G.I. Joe is also in the works for that year.
• Diablo Cody is writing Sweet Valley High film.
• EMI reports multi-billion loss, plans more staff cuts. Only two years ago, the company shed 3000 employees WW, looking to further reduce from current 3500.


  1. Keep snickering....Series1 Just hit Mass retail and is almost retired and Series2 is shipping directly after New York Toy Fair. Series3 will be shown at NYTF. Not like comic are ever late! Or other toylines! And if there was problems with our first action figures (1st blind try at a hyper articulated figure with articulation from scratch!)we shouldn't take the time to make sure the next series is right? It is nice to not get screwed by a large distributor and sit back and let them fill the orders for you. But when that dosen't work and you do get screwed due to their lack of mature employees you have to sell direct and that takes time my friend. By the way how is your toy company doing? Are your action figures that just hit mass retail doin good?

  2. I got the email showing the Shocker Toy Fair displays (which makes me wonder - how'd they get my email? I've never bought anything from them or signed up for anything. Mattel selling mailing lists?) and have to admit some of the figures look pretty good. Much like LCBH, I'm not sure if I'd want any but give credit to the deisgn team.

    However, "By the way how is your toy company doing? Are your action figures that just hit mass retail doin good?"
    Really? That's your response for, at least until now, really shitty business practices?
    Good to know the company is run by a seventh grader.