Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BitterNews for February 23rd, 2010

• Liz Rosenberg, longtime publicist at Warner Music group, and Madonna confidant, is leaving the label after 39 years.
• Did we mention that the pickle beat Nickleback?
• Richard Thompson will curate Meltdown 2010 – bring a pillow.
• Hot Toys next Michael Jackson figure is a great looking BAD-era MJ (when he still had a nose!) with an additional Dirty Diana outfit. The headsculpt is not quite right, but it’s hard to match airbrushing.
• Charlie Sheen is in rehab – quel surprise!
• Warner Brothers bought a majority of shares in Rocksteady Games, the company that did the Arkham Asylum game.
• Apparently, Die Hard 5 – which may take the franchise global, is coming next year.
• Hillary Duff rules! (that’s her in today’s picture, minutes after getting engaged to hockey douche Mike Comrie). What a horrible invasion of privacy! For shame!
• Somebody issued the Frankie goes To Hollywood album (yes, we know there were two, but really, content-wise, there’s barely an EP) as a two disc set with many remizes that all sounded the same 20+ years ago now on the boner disc. Yes, I said boner. Thanks Hillary!
• The “classic” Dokken lineup is reuniting. State Fairs tremble in anticipation of their opening slot on this summer’s Bret Michaels’ Rock Of Syphilis tour.
• Danzig’s new album will be called Deth Red Sabaoth. By the way, where’s the 20th anniversary Edition of your first album (supposed to have been released in 2008) and the Simon Bisley – illustrated book of your lyrics (supposed to have been released in Dec 2009), Mr Evil Short Guy?
• iPhone sales doubled in 2009 and iPad anticipation is clocked at DOUBLE the anticipation level of iPhone (at launch).
• A Doc Savage movie is in the works, directed by Shane Black, who made the excellent Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and wrote both Monster Squad and Lethal Weapon.
• Unbreakable 2 might happen - with the final confrontation between Mr Glass and Security, says Bruce Willis. That would be an M. Night Shamalamadingdong film I’d go see.
• Apparently Wesley Snipes is desperate enough to want to do Blade 4 before he ends up starring with DMX and Steven Segal in a direct to video "erotic" "thriller".
• Forgot to mention that Flashforward Season 1, Pt 1 came out today – a great idea that will no doubt add a ratings boost to Season 1, Part 2 when it airs.
• Action Comics #1 sold for over a million dollars yesterday. I should sell my copies now.
• The Peanuts franchise may be for sale.
• Racist Robot is coming.
• That’s it for this largely boring day in news.

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