Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best of the Hasbro New York Toy Fair lineup

So far at least...This is easy because there isn't much to cheer this year. Marvel U is a broken mess of constant re-issues and repaints with giant shipping gaps between assortments. GI Joe is in transition. This new 2010 line is a last minute change from the original plan of coninuing a movie based execution but since that failed at we are.

Anyway here's what you should be excited for. If you need photos, click the links to other awesome toy news sites that provide stellar Toy Fair showroom photo coverage. Saves me airfare and hotel fees and standing shoulder to shoulder with drooling, sweaty fan/journalists!

Transformers AND Marvel Comics Weebles! What? While we knew the Weebles brand was coming back I never expected what should be obvious here and mix the core brands and licenses within these wobbling wonders in year one. Absolutely will have these on my shelf once they hit. Best use of the Marvel license to date by Hasbro.

The Star Wars Legacy BIG FUCKING AT-AT (or BFATAT). Like 2008's BFMF, this thing is monster and a tooling marvel. This is the kind of toy kids crap in their pants for when they open this sucker on Christmas morning. Brings a tear to this old fanboy's eye.

Star Wars wins again with the return of the Vintage Collection. Great new scuplts of old favs with some unexpected twists such as the Mail-Away replica missile-firing Boba Fett figure complete with retro marketing on the new packages. The details added to some of the new figures are great such as adding welding gear accessories to Han Solo. And why not? He uses the gear twice in the ESB...when I think about it now, it's amazing no one at Kenner or Hasbro had thought of this before. Also great to see this will now be an ongoing line for at least two years and not a limited run. So far at least 37 figures are planned eventually including characters from the prequels. Basically replaces the Legacy Collection but with better packaging.

More as it breaks.

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