Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Diego Comic-con 2009- The Costumes.

A few of the nerds in cosplay around the show. While there were plenty of costumes to be seen on the floor of the event, there were noticeably less of them compared to last year. Especially in the first couple of days of the show. I also recognized many of the same geeks in the same outfits worn last year walking around.

Look...if you are a gal that wants to show up at this event every year as a Princess Leia in her metal bikini from 'Return of the Jedi', it's not cool, you are screaming to the world that you have serious issues. And what's the deal with all the Pirates walking around every day? There are more pirates than Stormtroopers now roaming the con. Deadpool costumes were everywhere this year. By far, he was the number one choice of super-wannabe costumes for the geeks.

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