Thursday, July 2, 2009


Nice ad from the latest issue of Diamond Previews seems to indicate that the next wave of Marvel Legends 2-packs are out or at least “here”. Where is here? Because these things are never coming out. Is this a Jesse Falcon quote?

More likely this is wishful thinking on the part of Diamond who were supposed to have these as a co-exclusive with TRU, until a recent Hasbro “interview/PR exercise in saying nothing in as many words possible while still trying to maintain an air of caring about the suckers, oops, I mean FANS who are baffled by our insistence on destroying a once mighty brand” revealed that they were searching for another retail partner.
Which means that TRU has abandoned these.


They brought in the pewter Wolverine figure.

That’s how badly Hasbro has clusterfucked this line.

I could sell TRU all my memories of banging Phoebe Cates in her heyday on the back of a unicorn flying through Asgard and they’d be happy to pay, but Hasbro can’t sell ‘em Marvel Legends.

Well done, Pawtucket!

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