Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dan Didumdum survives Comic-con but DC is in trouble.

DC had zip for the fans this year at Comic-con. The San Diego Comic-con is where the major comic publishers make all their big announcements to get the fanboys excited about the line's future. This typically includes surprise creator deals, new character or series launches, big crossover series events, licensing news, etc.

The only thing Dan Didio preached repeatedly during the show was 'Blackest Night'. The big, hit 2009 DC event already in progress. Sure DC had editorial plans they touted during the show but it's hard to find evidence any of it will quickly save the sinking ship. 'Blackest Night' is the only hit Dano has for the foreseeable future to keep him employed so that's the tune he kept singing all weekend.

We've never seen a Comic-con where a publisher wasn't placing marketing emphasis on the future. Our Didio firing watch continues. And after this show, we're feeling pretty good about it.

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