Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from Comic-Con...holy shit.

The Bitter Geeks endured five days of fun, celebrities, nerds, bad food, strange smells, plenty of pain and now, our wallets are completely empty. While there was a lot of great stuff to see and do at the show, there were also plenty of screw ups daily. Major ones by a few big vendors. We'll get to those details one by one later.

For an event themed on comic books, there was barely any comic news announcements to get excited about. Over 6000 New Moon fans overran the show inside and out for the first couple of days until the panel was over. Then the film cast ran out of town as fast as they could trying to escape from 12 to 17 year old girls and their mothers. There were noticeably less costumed freaks roaming the floor looking for attention over the weekend. Perhaps the recession is making it harder for the cosplayers to buy duct tape, cardboard and paint.

Out of control TV and film marketing swallowed the Gaslamp District. Ice Cream trucks handing out free popsicles and copies of Playboy (with ID shown!) alongside NBC trucks promoting the next lame sitcoms and dramas.

More to come as we recover. Attending this show is like running a five day marathon...right now we feel like these poor bastards...

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