Friday, July 31, 2009

Ashley Wood WWR Movie & 3A Toy News

Word is leaking that Jerry Bruckheimer has optioned World War Robot for a film. We can't wait, as reports indicate that Wood will be involved as an Exec Producer, so source material should be well protected.

In other news, the Boiler Zombie and the Squares are due to be shipping soon for those that pre-ordered, and the next 1:6 scale robot "Armstrong" is likely to be offered as early as next week for $250, including S&H (pre 3AA discount if you are a member).

Finally, Lady Sham has been revealed as the first female figure in the 1:6 3A line, which makes us wonder when it will hit and what this means to the Snowpea Winston Ma collab that has been teased for the last month?

Ash was reprtedly hauling the female figure around SDCC last week (a sudden trip that appears to have been driven by the closing of the film option) but no one from any of the 3A communities saw it there.

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