Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Dan DiDio Countdown

It’s been a long time coming but it’s now time to officially begin our Dan Didio firing watch.

You have to now believe the job of man in charge of all of DC editorial and the overall stewardship of the comic line is running outta time. The evidence has been on retail comic racks weekly for years now (since the failure that was ‘Countdown’ was conceived if you ask the Bitter Geeks) but for real proof all one has to do is review the latest DC sales numbers by title compiled over the past year. As compiled from available resources so very well right here:

The only reason why Dan still has his job right now is because of Geoff Johns “Blackest Night Saga” and Grant Morrison’s “All-Star Batman”. As the numbers show, all the reinvestment in the Superman titles has failed with no end in sight to the current failed storyline and plans. He’s pissed away the JLA and Titans value and both books sales spiral downward in freefall every month. He’s stopped and restarted Flash titles three times in as many years. ‘Final Crisis’ was a both a critical and financial bomb…and yet he’s still publishing books with Final Crisis in the titles that clearly no one is interested in. Not to mention he’s allowed a key mini-series (Legion of Three Worlds) in the FC saga and 2009 DC publishing plans be so late, the last issue has yet to see the light of day. 'Final Crisis' ended (late) back in January. On top of it all, he’s removed the big three iconic (and bankable) heroes from 2009 key publishing plans. And on and on. It’s an absolute struggle for even a handful of DC titles to get close to the 100K publishing mark.

The numbers just don’t lie. Dan’s fucked up the DCU and worn out his welcome. With these kinds of losses in just about any other business, the guy at the top of heap would be out on his ass. Here we are in the middle of summer when comic sales should be at their peak for the year and outside of ‘Blackest Night’, the majority of the DCU is in freefall. There is zero chance there will be a turnaround in the fall…retailers annually cut orders for the shelves once school starts up again.

While we assume DD will survive Comic-Con and continue to spew his bullshit online and deny there are any issues, we also predict Dano will be out by early 2010 at the very latest.

Countdown starts….now.

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