Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update: SDCC's New Hotel reservation process...

...was pretty damn slick! Kudos to Travel Planners and SDCC's organization for finally putting together a process that worked.

Main site did not crash. Form was easy to complete (provided you had all 12 Hotel choices ready) and submission went through without any delay.

Of course now all those attending have to play the waiting game to see what choice they end up with but the fact that we didn't have to call and re-call over and over for hours just to get through to a human because of a site crash as in years past was wonderful.

I would imagine the bulk of the hard core attendees will all be done applying for rooms within the first hour of the offering.

UPDATED! Final results later in the day...

So the Bittergeeks both submitted for reservations at the same time in seperate locations and we each received very different results.

Both of us completed and submitted hotel res form within six minutes of the opening of the online system. Maybe within one minute of each other.

One of us received confirmation within two hours and obtains first, best hotel choice desired. Cool!

The other receives confirmation six hours later and doesn't even get any of the tweleve hotel choices submitted. Ended up with some crap hotel randomly assigned that's over 3 miles from con. Wow. Not cool.

Guess which location we are keeping.

So while the submission process itself worked well by all accounts, clearly there were shenanagans behind the scenes. Can't believe the timestamp on our submissions (one minute apart) were equally catered to by Travel Planners. The swing from best to worst location is too crazy.

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