Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bye Bye Power Girl

The new creative team taking over the title with issue 13 is none other than DC's favorite and always available hack, Judd Winick and yet another unknown penciler named Sami Basri. Most likely more cheap artist labor from South America (DC loves the farm team down there, the books are full of these guys). I'll never know if the guy is any good since Judd is on board.

DC loves a hack like Winick because he hangs around the NYC offices and local bars kissing ass with editors year in and year out. And for all the time he's put in, he's yet to write any super-book that is anywhere near memorable much less entertaining. Fuck. They'd do better if they made the title a pinup book monthly. No story.

Yet another DC book I can cross off my list. Going to be a cheap DC buying season. At least until Jim Lee and Geoff Johns can get in there and right the ship.

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