Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BitterNews for Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

• Corey Haim is dead of an OD. Didn’t see that coming – oh, wait.
• Evan Rachel Wood has bolted the Spider-man musical. She was supposed to play Mary Jane, but now she’s playing Marilyn Manson’s jizz receptacle again. The product is now due to open in late summer / fall.
• The guy who attempted to extort Letterman copped today and got a six month sentence.
• 3A toys are announcing many more versions of WWR Dropcloth robot. No word on how they will be offered or where, but the crazy version with two meat cleavers sounds pretty awesome.
• The Tron Legacy trailer looks pretty hot.
• Mr Hurt Locker isn’t banging Jessica Simpson.
• Amazon has cancelled most of the GN orders that were placed this weekend. It appears the problem stemmed from Diamond. Almost all Diamond-distributed books are not for sale on Amazon right now, except for 3rd party sellers. So that’s more good news for financially troubled Steve Geppi.
• Sounds like Transformers 3 might show Cybertron!
• GI Joe: The Movie (the good cartoon, not the shitty live-action film) is coming back to DVD & now Blu-ray.
• Movie posters for The Losers and Kick-ass are showing up online.
• Rush Limbaugh said he’d move to Costa Rica if the US passes universal health care reform. Costa Rica, where they already have universal health care. Like every other country on earth. Except ours. But, by all means, go fat dude.
• Much hubbub about whether John Krasinski is still in running for role of Captain America, after Marvel leaked that he was their top choice.
• Rob Liefeld says he’ll travel to store that orders the most copies of Deadpool Corps #1. Better lower your orders!
• KISS has finally signed a deal for their long-promised TV show with E1, a Canadian Production co. No one knows the format, although Gene ha talked about an animated show for years. MMMMMmmmm… Canadian animation.
• Viggo Mortensen has taken over for Christoph Waltz in the new Cronenberg film, The Talking Cure.
• Diamond just shipped the Twilight manga a week ahead of street date, but hastily issued a request to retailers to not sell them in advance. That’ll happen – how many will be on eBay by end of day?
• If there are only 9 episodes of Lost left, they are going to need to pick up the pace if the ending is going to be satisfying.
• OK Go have left EMI after bitching that the label was trying to monetize their viral video plays. Good luck, marginally talented power pop one hit wonder! You’ll be eating microwave dinners in a year and working a day job in two. The State Fair circuit is only about ten years away.
• Pink Floyd is suing EMI for selling individual tracks online. According to the band, their contract stipulates that tracks must be sold in the album format (ie; bundled).
• In other swell music news, EMI must pay $160 million to Citibank by March 31st AND pass a solvency test (??) in order to keep Citibank from taking over the company. EMI is toast.
• Guns N Roses are filming their South American tour. It will probably never be released though.
• Creedence Clearwater Revival have found a film of them playing Royal Albert Hall 40 years ago – which they want to release on DVD. Due to their longoing issues with their old label, this may be unlikely – although the label has new owners who seem to have smoothed some issues.
• Sopranos creator David Chase is making a film about an upcoming 60’s rock band. I look forward to “That Thing You Do, But Not As Funny”.

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