Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BitterNews for Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Mattel Fuck-Up Of The Day: As expected it was today’s “sale” or, as we have come to know it at BG HQ, “when Nerds get their period.” Here are just a few of the sweet posts from “fans” found around the web:

* Q: Where is toy guru and his HORSE TEETH spin on todays sell out?
A: Stylin' and profilin' with the Horseman fatboy!

* Dam things are going form bad to worst on mattycollector.com.....

* I had a subscription and Digital River cancelled it without explanation, so I'm starting not to care. They should sell these at retail. I'm just tired of the problems.

* I didn't even bother today and it still sold out at 2 minutes? That's ridiculous. And giving everyone a heads-up that stock was small was just an invitation for the scalpers to recruit all their buddies to buy even more. Sometimes I wonder if you even want us to buy your product.

* System said in cart, but after pressing to go to cart it said it was empty. Digital River...U suck!

* The tax is BACK YET AGAIN! Matty. Please do something for this. This is the third time the 15% VAT on DIGITAL GOODS is being charged on ACTION FIGURES. Can't Digital River figure out yet that an action figure is NOT a Digital service? You already made this mistake twice, acknowledged that it is a mistake and refunded us. Please fix this issue and make sure it does not happen again. THANKS!

* We haven't gotten a response yet. I guess that means the staff at Mattel must be hiding with their heads up their a**es. I hope you enjoy the experience Matty, big crown and all.

* Comment on todays screw up. Not about deleting post. Dont hide behind your computer screen we know youre there.

* I never even had the wsod and had two of each Mossman and it said it was sold out and it waa only 12:03. I was on at 12 on the dot. Matty you got some explaining to due.

* I was all ready to buy my 1st MOTU figure with Moss Man and has expected was let down by Matty. This is the trifecta for me. JLU, DCUC and now MOTU.

* If Toyguru even mentions what a "success" this month was, I'll buy a flocked Moss Man off eBay just so I can beat him to death with it.

* Well, I wanted to report something good about my single Club Eternia monthly figure, but it seems that calling customer service twice, and adding two back up credit cards is not enough for mattel. For some reason I have been unable to persuade them not to use my old credit card. Now I have no Moss Man despite my subscription. What the hell is wrong with Digital River, and what the hell is wrong with Mattel? Please use the information available to you on my account! Thank you!

* I think I'm done with MOTUC. Never enough quantity to satisfy demand. Noon sale that last for 20 mins before sell out it ridiculous. Digital River sucks and cancelled my subscription without explanation & I will not pay markup on the secondary market. Matty, let me know when you're ready to sell your product directly to the consumer for more than a 20 min window.

* Matty, I have made a permanent decision to, after attempting to get April's Weapons Pak, and June's Faker re-issue, to drop MOTUC permanently. I'm sure my feelings are shared with thousands of other fellow collectors who Mattel has alienated with this particular line. I am also starting up my own Facebook group page to boycott MOTUC and Mattel's ass-backward decision-making skills. Oh, don't bother deleting me: as soon as I post this, I will leave this God-forsaken group, just like Mattel leaves customers hanging on or around the 15th of every month. Good riddance.

* HOW do they make marketing and production decisions at matty? Do they sit around a huge geek/nerd round table and decide that low production numbers and spinning "explanations" for fast sell outs is "good business?" I understand the whole "keep supply low to keep demand high" tactic,but when the supply is THIS low,it only results in a backlash that they OBVIOUSLY get off on.

* Im sure the Matty crew sit around the office the day of the sale and drink champagne when the figs sell out,while platitudly congratulating themselves,while laughing at their customers.

* Waaazzzupp ToyGuru, you go on wit yo bad self! A rolling fanboy gathers no Moss Man...

and if the complete failure of Mattel to address this problem didn’t get the nerds fired up enough, there’s this:


• Ferg is releasing his first 12” figure – the Playge Rat. The full figure hasn’t been revealed yet, but there are a few pics at Collect & Destroy.
• Bendis says the Spider-woman cancellation wasn’t due to sales – but sales did suck – the book went into freefall after the first issue.
• Kirby’s heirs have sued Marvel over character rights. They had previously served Marvel notice and Marvel responded by suing them. Even if Marvel is technically within their rights, it seems appalling that the Kirby Estate hasn’t seen royalties on ANYTHING – while Stan has had renumeration for years, even if it wasn’t in the form of royalties.
• Twilight GN is out today. One was listed on eBay last week and no one bought it. Does this cult really have the juice the media suggests it does?
• EMI has launched a new country label – smart move, as EMI Nashville is the only part of the company that consistently delivers hits.
• Ryan Adams has made a metal album called “Orion”. Sounds like a rock album to me, not really metal.
• Spencer Pratt has not only been replaced as Heidi Montag’s “manager” (like that’s a timesuck), but he’s been booted from the Hills for a few weeks. Great, can we forget about this turd in the punch bowl now?
• Michael Jackson got a 200 million dollar advance from Sony – the largest in music biz history. Of course this is just a publicity stunt, as Sony probably crossed the royalties with old material and the Estate is probably due nearly that amount in the wake of sales after his death.
• Kate Winslet …….snore
• Duke for Captain America? Ugh.
• Is it normal for this many earthquakes to happen in close proximity to each other?
• Willie Nelson is starting a film company. Who in their right mind is funding this? They plan to make 5 films a year!
• Longbox, the digital comics delivery service, has gone live.
• Japan & China have combined a copyright agreement.
• Thousands of jag-offs pissing away their company’s expense accounts on barbeque, booze and strippers. That’s all that’s happening there, though.

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