Thursday, March 11, 2010

BitterNews for Thursday, March 11th, 2010

• Mattel Fuck Up Of The Day: Matty has decided to move the date of the April sale to April 19th. Hardly a big deal, but why is it so hard for them to figure this shit out in advance? Oh right, because they are idiots.
• Barnes & Noble had the same glitch as Amazon, although fewer titles were affected.
• Tomorrow’s new movies: She’s Out Of My League (“The funniest movie since ‘The Hangover’” – like that’s hard), Remember Me (Starring Robert Gay Vampire – will the tweens show up for this douche in a non-Edward role?), Green Zone (new Matt Damon film with good word of month).
• There’s a Japan-only (for now) Elvis Costello live album from 1978 coming in June. This is the much bootlegged Winterland show that was recorded within days of the just released Live At Hollywood High show.
• Wall Street 2 is on hold.
• The new Twilight trailer is online.
• The next Chipmunks movie will be in 3-D.
• Atari teenage Riot are reuniting. A nation yawns.
• The Amazon gold box deal of the day is the Futurama Bender head box set of DVDs at 50% + off.
• Comics legend Dick Giordano is in the hospital.
• Cougartown is the best prime-time comedy. There were more laughs before the intro last night than there are in the entirety of most half-hour comedies. And we love Community and 30 Rock too. But Cougartown is funnier.

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