Friday, March 12, 2010

BitterNews for Friday, March 12th, 2010

• Mattel fuck-up of the day: Fans had to point out that Matty’s pricing on the upcoming 1:6 Peter Venkman Ghostbusters figure was wrong.
• Frank Miller has a website where he’s written about Brittany Murphy’s death. That’s a timely topic. It’ll be great to read about his frustration getting a directing gig after the abomination that was the Spirit.
• Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull. Is the Human Torch going to be Captain America?
• Hasbro is running a fan poll to determine the next bribe figure in the Digital Marvel Subscription plan. The choices are so weak, I cannot be bothered to click twice; Ms Marvel (Dark Avengers costume), Archangel (X-Force costume) or Norman Osbourne (HAMMER uniform). Yawn…
• Pre-order your iTampon today. The Apple store is live with these and delivery/pick-up is April 3rd for Wi-Fi and an unspecified date in late April for 3G version.
• Pink Floyd won their case against EMI, who were selling the bands tracks individually online. The court ruled that this violates a 1967 agreement that no tracks could be sold outside the context approved by Floyd. This just means that more consumers will steal the songs they want rather than be forced to pay for a whole album. So it’s a lose/lose.
• Our picture today is a teaser for the Hot Toys War Machine! YAHOO!

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