Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BitterNews Roundup for January 20th 2010

• New MacGruber trailer online. Since this SNL skit is only funny by virtue of the fact that it’s still on the air, don’t expect it to be funny over 90mins.
• “500 Days of Summer” director confirmed as new Spidey director. Will be emo-y piece of shit and we’ll look back fondly at Toby’s stupid “evil” haircut in SPM 3.
• Next George Romero “Dead” film has release date – SPRING. What does that mean? Will be VOD before theatrical, so I won’t have to sit in theatre with idiots. Thank you!
• In other “Dead” news, Walking Dead pilot has greenlight - hope it rocks.
• Amanda Bynes is nearly nude in Maxim.
• New Secret Wars 2-packs are showing up in stores and online – at least there are some new figures (Thor, Enchantress) in these sets, although they still have huge heads and short limbs.
• Axel Alonso, Steve Wacker & Tom Brevoort promoted to VPs at Marvel.
• Rob Liefeld set to end Deadpool’s wave of popularity by returning to book.
• Republicans sell lies better than democrats.
• Vampire Weekend has #1 album this week. Paul Simon pissed.
• Heidi Montag lies about nearly dying during umpteen millionth boob enlarging surgery, according to doc. Her album, which reportedly cost 1-2 million of her own money sold less than 1000 copies in first week.
• Twilight manga will have print run of 350K!
• Skeletor returns to on Jan 27th
• Sideshow shipping Hot Toys Mars Attacks figures soon. Medicom KISS and Hot Toys Silk Spectre hitting homes this week.
• Apple to debut Tablet next week?
• John Mayer interview in Rolling Stone confirms he is massive tool that beats off.
• My Chemical Romance has finished the follow-up to Black Parade; no title yet, but two songs are "Black Dragon Fighting Society" and "Light Behind Your Eyes." Band supposedly playing small clubs before moving show to stadiums, etc.
• New DC Direct offerings confirm they are bankrupt of ideas for merch people will buy. How long will they last under scrutiny of new overseers?
• Sideshow offering 18” Premium Format Gambit this week. Like anyone wants that.
• Hot Toys Inglourious Basterds Aldo headsculpt revealed. Nice likeness, but dumbfounded expression is a fail. The boards agree.

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