Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BitterNews for Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Relatively dull day for Nerdgasms, but here goes:

• Apple killed the Kindle with it’s newly revealed “iPad” which has to be the worst name they could’ve come up with, as the internet nearly broke from all the tampon jokes.
• The CEO of Borders split like a Haitian running out of a tall building. They are doomed.
• Diamond will now sell any old shit, after their experiment with order minimums failed.
• Skeletor did not sell out on Matty today, so that must mean something…
• The next Romero Dead film has a real date: April 30th for VOD and limited theatrical starting on May 28th. OOOoooookay.
• The second wave of Mattel’s Public Enemies line is finally starting to hit Targets.
• Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool wrote one of the stupidest pieces he’s ever written (really saying something) about how the new Kotobukita Thor & Cap A statues were likely reveals of the movie costumes. Rich should not write about things he doesn’t understand. Like toys.
• Katy Perry should take over for Simon on American Idol.
• Pete Doherty brought heroin to court. Why won’t it kill him?
• Weird Al is making a TV movie with Cartoon Network (live action).
• Devo will play at the Olympics, giving us another reason not to watch.
• No hot chicks did anything interesting today.
• Great day for comic books. New FF was, as usual, astounding, and Spider-man is coming out of it’s slump. New Morrison Batman seems to be finally moving the Bruce is Dead story forward, although that may be a bait & switch, and the Cap Reborn conclusion was a doozy!
• And apparently some guy who is President is going to say something on TV tonight.

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