Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sideshow 1:6 Vader Pics Including Size Comparison To Medicom Vader

A lucky Sideshow contest winner scored a production sample Vader figure and has posted some great photos, including a picture with the earlier Medicom Vader figure. Medicom has taken considerable criticism lately for the size of their figures (closer to 11" than 12") and the difference between the 14" Sideshow Vader and the Medicom version is pretty staggering.

That said, the Medicom sculpt still looks more screen accurate to me, making this an okay Sideshow figure, but a fail overall, especially as the Medicom figure had been out for at least a year and Sideshow knew what they had to beat.

Which begs the question, what the hell is going at Sideshow these days? Their prices go up as the quality of their output goes down. Meanwhile Hot Toys is doing amazing work at comparable prices.

I greet new Sideshow figures with the same enthusiasm I have for new naked Britney Spears pictures; sure, I'll look, but I've seen it all before and there's a strong likelihood that what I'll see will really gross me out.

Then I'll reminisce about the pre-Fed days and try to cleanse my pallet with some Megan Fox shots or even a Kelly Clarkson upskirt pic to get those horrible images out of my head!!!

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