Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A look at the new Wonder Woman Cover Girls of the DCU Statue

Received my first Cover Girls of the DC Universe statue this week. This is a new line of 10" Superheroine babes designed by famous babe illustrator, Adam Hughes. Here's a look at her.

I have to say, this piece looks better in person than I thought it would based on the early images from DC Direct. The sculpt of the face and body is very faithful to Adam's artwork. The paint deco is also very impressive. The DC Direct sculptures can be hit and miss in paint application but this case, I found the deco very tight especially around the face and the edges of the costume.

If you like Adam's art, this pickup is a no brainer. Even if you aren't this piece is a solid investment. Most of the Women of the DCU busts Adam also designed over the years go for some big bucks on the secondary market. There are already five pieces offered by DC in this line, by the time the collection builds, the early pieces typically escalate in value.

This Wonder Woman is limited to 5000 pieces, which is a decent production run for any collector statue but you can still expect it to dry up over the summer at retail. Average retail currently is about $90. The next piece in the line is Zatanna, due in Aug/Sept followed by Catwoman and Black Canary in the fourth quarter, then Power Girl early in 2010. Would imagine we'll likely see a couple more for 2010 introduced at the San Diego Comicon in July.

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