Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recommended Reprint of the Month - Dan DeCarlo's Jetta

For fans of Dan (famed Archie artist) DeCarlo art or of pinup works in general, I highly recommend this very affordable hardcover collection of his short lived Jetta Comic series from the early 1950s. This series was a mash up of DeCarlo's Archie-style teens and the retro '50s vision of the future. Or think of the concept of Josie living in the world of the Jetson's, long before the Jetsons were even an idea.

Only three issue were printed in this series and are extremely hard to find. Award winning cartoonist and designer, Craig Yoe has once again produced a stellar looking package for IDW. This book is not merely a collection of the three comics. Included are several rare pinups by DeCarlo along with tribute pinups by 37 of today’s top talents from the worlds of animation, comics and modern art such as Bill Presing, Craig McCracken, Bill Morrison, Andrew Pepoy and many more.

Check out Bill Presing's blog about the book here for some good eye-candy!

Most of these artists all work for studios such as Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc and are typically in attendance at the San Diego Comic-con. For those fans that attend the show, this would absolutely be a great book to lug around and have signed by these talents.

I also can't imagine the print run on this collection will be very high and if nothing else will serve as a promising investment down the road. Amazon.com has the book for only $14.99.

For more detail about the book and more preview pages, check out Craig Yoe's site!

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