Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mattel Fuck-Up of the Day

Even though they rarely supply any answers that are worth asking the question for in the first place, hopeful nerd idiots continue to submit Q&A questions to Mattel in the hope of getting a concrete answer. Apparently Head Collector-Interface-Incompetant-Tool is out of the office (or beating off into an old Super Powers catalog), so instead of bagging these pointless exercises, Mattel PR decided to provide answers on his behalf. Remarkably, they found a way to supply even less concrete answers and show even more contempt for their fans than ToyGuru is capable of - and he's a clueless fucking idiot! Does Mattel have any corporate sense of customer relations? Is there a PR division there? Not if this exchange is any indication. Check it out here…

Q1.) Is DCUC Wave 11 going to be distributed to Toys R Us/Target, or has the entire run already been distributed?
A1.) Better not tell you now.

Q2.) Will any past waves be re-offered on Wave 11 is marked out of stock, but not "gone for good".
A2.) Reply hazy try again.

Q3.) You’ve stated we’ll get a look at the GL 5 pack in April/May, but when are it and the announced Batman/Robin and Aquaman/Manta 2 packs expected to hit stores?
A3.) Outlook not so good.

Q4.) It was posted on Matty that Wave 13 is coming in March , Wave 14in April, Wave 15 is coming in July, and Wave 16 in Dec/Jan2011. Was a wave skipped there, or will no new product be shipping during the holiday season? Or will older waves be reshipped during this time frame?
A4.) Concentrate and ask again.

Q5.) Will the 2-Packs offered on Matty ever be offered again in any form? What about slightly different versions, like an 80s Starfire or Classic Adam Strange?
A5.) Very doubtful.

This is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on a burning person. Why not just shut up, or explain there's going to be a delay in answers, rather than aggravate your customers further? At least that way no one gets their hopes up.

Congratulations, Mattel - we didn't think you could find new ways to demonstrate your complete lack of respect and utter contempt for your fanbase.

How will you top this? We have some ideas: Maybe Matty can stand above the lines and piss on fans as they wait to buy Mattel product at SDCC? Or maybe you could charge customers for stuff they never get? Or have a non-functioning website that drives your customers away? Or hire a total collector-douche with no business sense to run your brands into the ground? Oh wait, you're way ahead of us on the last three...

In closing, this says more about their "Collector strategy" than anything we have written here in the last year or so.

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