Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matty Can't Ship Toys (or spell)

Here's the latest from Matty's facebook, where apparently Mattel lets ToyGuru make an ass of himself and irritate their customers and vendors in public, without letting the mktg or sales departments review it in advance (Caps emphasis is ours):

"Hey He-Fans,

Since a few fan sites are doing reviews of Teela, I wanted to point out a few details on this awesome fig!

First off, she goes on sale Oct 15th, only on (along with bonus figure Zodak on the same day!)"

(then Blah blah blah about the details of this figure until finally:)

"Also, a lot of fans are asking about Zoar's armor and pertch. We do have plans for both in the future in all the necessary colors. Stay tuned!

See ya in the aisles,


Go get on your pertch, berd! I'll make it out of bertch! If you don't, you'd better go to Chirch before Matty leaves you in the lertch!

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