Thursday, August 13, 2009

There is a God - Spider-man will NOT Sing!

The proposed Spider-man Broadway Musical, directed by the woman who created the Lion King (on Broadway) and with music by U2, was shut down last week, at which point it appeared the shutdown might only be temporary. According to the NY Post, the shutdown is now permanent, as no new investors could be lured to the 45 million dollar project, which was set to run at a 1700 seat theater in Manhatten where it was projected it would have taken 5 sold-out years to recoup. In other words, it was fucked from the start.

Thankfully, fanboys will now be spared what no doubt would have been a severe blow to the character's appeal and backstory. We prefer that he remains the blacked out drunk that hooks up with his roomate as depicted in last week's issue of Amazing.

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