Saturday, August 8, 2009

Disney goes UP your ass for their money

Disney announced details of the release of their Blu Ray and DVD set of Pixar's fabulous UP! While we won't see the set until November 10th, start saving because the Mouse is bending us all over for this one.

The SRP will be $45.99 for this FOUR disk set. A screw job if ever we saw one. Disney forces the Blu Ray fan also purchase a DVD copy and digital copy that are typically included in these sets. I know revenues have been hard on Disney this past year but taking it out on the family who wants to own your little films is not the way to recoup losses. At least give us the choice of a package without these extras most of us don't need. If I'm buying it on Blu Ray, I have no interest in watching it on DVD now do I? That's like adding a VHS tape to every DVD set sold back in the early days of the DVD revolution.

And the Limited Edition Set? Only $199.99 SRP. Comes with the overpriced Blu Ray set and a replica of the Pixar mascot, Luxo Jr. Really? a $155 extra for a lamp that likely won't even work?

Oww, Oooo, EEEEE, Owch, my ASS! Disney, Pixar, stop! Why would you do this to your loyal fans?

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