Sunday, May 16, 2010

The bidding war for SDCC passes has begun!

Despite the fact that Comic Con International warns patrons that purchased passes to the annual event aren't transferable, plenty of people are already beginning to auction off tickets to the long sold out show.

A quick look across ebay confirms the most recent single ticket/ four day pass has sold easily for around $500.00. And it's only mid May. As of this posting there are at least three active auctions for similar tickets, each already easily heading towards the same final total amount.

It's one thing for the seller to hand off the ticket confirmation print out that is required at the door for badge pick up but it's another matter entirely to produce an ID that proves you are the same person listed on that piece of paper. Bidders are taking a huge risk. Unless the seller can meet you at the door and pick the pass up for you, it's unlikely the con will take any pity on you and just hand you a badge when the name and address on their list don't match up with your ID.

That money is long spent and user IDs long since closed down for any seller by the time the bad news plays out. One of the passes sold was by a brand new seller. That dude will likley be long gone off ebay by July and just made an easy $500.

And if you think $500 for a single, four day pass is high, wait until they finally start confirming which superstars and events are actually scheduled for the event. If there is ever a case for buyer beware in the nerd world, this is it.

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