Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SDCC 2010 4 Day Passes Almost Sold Out...IN NOVEMBER!

The calendar says November 3rd, 2009. Comic-con begins July 22nd and apparently the geek world is abuzz over the news that all available four day passes (not single day passes) for the event are nearly sold.


Can we say now officially this show is no longer for or about the comic nerds? Comic fans have never been that hardcore about purchasing passes to any related event this far in advance.

This is now a total Hollywood love festival. When you have thousands of teenage GIRLS spending several nights sleeping in front of the San Diego Convention Center to get into a COMIC BOOK CONVENTION so they can wet themselves attending a 45 minute Twilight cast panel then you have a completely new event.

The Twilight sequels are planned one a year back to back which means another cast panel at the event in 2010 and 2011. No matter if New Moon completely sucks or is the biggest film of the year, you can bet all those girls that attended the con in 2009 are already buying up passes and planning their invasion for 2010.

The Twilight army is not the sole reason the con is selling out so fast for 2010 but they are a prime example of what is now the inevitable evolution of the San Diego Comic-con.

Prediction: If Comic-con International remains in the San Diego Convention Center for years to come, the show will need to split into two separate events. One for Comic Book publishers, creators, dealers and fans and one for everything else the show is evolving into. The pressure to raise exhibition rates will be too much for the average comic dealer and publisher to bear. There are many pop culture, Hollywood, mass retail, tech based would be participants with fistfuls of cash pounding on the convention center door dying to set up.

If you plan to attend the show next year for the full four days, buy ‘em soon or you’ll be crying in yer long box if you wait to buy your tickets in 2010.

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